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When light meets camera,
when light means security

We live in a complicated era, with plenty of things we need to do and little time to do it all. Naturally you have a lot to worry about but the safety of your home certainly shouldn’t be one. Thankfully that’s where we can help.

SECURY’LIGHT, created by LUTEC, offers you a range of smart, stylish and easy to install home security systems at a price you can afford.

Because we feel you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

SECURY’LIGHT offers the very latest technology in smart home security. Combining LED outdoor lighting and a high-quality security camera along with integrated microphone and speakers (enabling two-way communication) and an integrated alarm system.



  • You and your loved ones are protected 24/7 - Everything is controlled through your smartphone or tablet, so, you can take comfort in the knowledge that no matter where you are your home will always be safe.
  • Never open the front door for a stranger again - When you are home you will still receive a notification on your smartphone or tablet allowing you to both see and communicate with anyone who approaches your front door.
  • Customise your security – We understand that everyone has different needs and as such through the app you are able to programme specific settings to suit your environment.
  • Secure your home in a matter of minutes – SERCURY’LIGHT is so easy to install you will be able to do it yourself, all the parts you need are in the box and the app helps you select the perfect location for mounting your SECURY’LIGHT.
  • Cost-effective home protection – SECURY’LIGHT combines everything you need to protect your home in one single purchase. We don’t believe in additional monthly payments because for us your safety is paramount.
  • Five designs to choose from – We have five stylish designs to compliment any home. Why not take a look at our range today and see which model works best for you.

Because everyone should feel safe in their own home

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