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You’re probably aware that the vast majority of home break-ins happen during daylight hours (between 10am and 3pm) and typically occur when everyone has left the house to go to work or school. You might be surprised to learn that most intruders brazenly enter homes through the front door, either by force or through an unlocked door. However, even though burglars are bold enough to break-in through your front door in broad daylight, the one thing that can stop them in their tracks is effective home security.

SECURY’LIGHT offers the very latest technology in smart home security. Combining LED outdoor lighting and a high-quality security camera along with integrated microphone and speakers (enabling two-way communication) and an integrated alarm system.

SECURY’LIGHT is fully customisable through your smartphone or tablet and can be set up for varying degrees of sensitivity. This allows you to programme settings that suit your needs, whether you are home or away and based on the time of day.

SECURY’LIGHT has a built-in motion sensor, which when triggered will automatically send a notification direct to your smart device and will automatically switch on the powerful LED floodlight (dependant on your custom settings). No matter where you are this will allow you to communicate with and record any interactions you may have with anyone who approaches your door.

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Helping keep you, your loved ones and your home safe at all times.

Through the app you are also able to see in real-time the images and sounds from your SECURY’LIGHT and using the playback function you can view previously captured footage by scrolling through the camera’s playback timeline.

And the best part?

The days of needing to call in an expert to set-up your security systems are long gone, SECURY’LIGHT is so easy to install that you can protect your house in just a matter of minutes.

Better yet, SECURY’LIGHT is the most cost-effective security system on the market. We don’t believe in additional monthly payments because for us your safety is paramount.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you, SECURY’LIGHT comes in five sleek and stylish designs to complement any home.

Never before has home security been so easy, effective and affordable.

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