How to protect your home

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Being a homeowner might be a new for you and understandably, now more than ever, you’re thinking about how to protect your home. With safety of your new neighbourhood being one of the decisive factors behind your decision to purchase your house in the first place, the unfortunate truth is that no area is completely infallible.

Regardless of where you’ve just bought your house; you have two choices: protect your home or don’t. It’s highly unlikely that you feel the area you live in is unsafe, it is your home after all. Unless you’ve been through the heartache of someone invading your personal space, you won’t be aware of the urgent need to not only put measures in place to protect your home, but also to ensure that the measures you do put in place supersede that of your neighbours.

Home invaders don’t discriminate, they will target anyone and are unfortunately adept at detecting the easiest target in any neighbourhood. If you have moved into an area which is perceived as being very safe - with either a low crime rate or a low rate of break-ins - then it’s prudent to remember that this is because of the measures your neighbours have put in place to keep their own house safe.


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Never underestimate the power of preventative measures

Now when it comes to home security there are plenty of options available for you to choose from and one thing to bear in mind is that because the vast majority of these options have been around for so long, most home intruders will know how to get past them. Because of this most people tend to use a combination of traditional methods to protect their homes (i.e. buying a dog, outdoor lights, home security and alarm systems or cameras). The major drawback of this approach being that buying a combination of traditional methods can be very costly.

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SECURY’LIGHT offers you that perfect combination for home security and all for one fixed price.

SECURY’LIGHT combines LED outdoor lighting, a high-quality security camera along with an integrated motion sensor, microphone and speakers (to enable two-way communication) and alarm system - all controlled through your smartphone or tablet. This means that where traditional methods act merely as a deterrent, SECURY’LIGHT allows you to receive notifications and interact with anyone who approaches your home.

SECURY’LIGHT offers you the next generation of home security, you are always in control no matter where you are.

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