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Easy Install.

Usually when companies tell you something is easy to assemble their product comes with an intimidating manual and multitude of parts.

We on the other hand mean it, home security has never been easier. In fact, by the time it takes you to read to the end of the page you could have already installed your own SECURY’LIGHT.

If you don’t believe us be sure to check out the video below.

Imagine you have just received the box with your brand new SECURY’LIGHT. Inside you will find everything you need for installation (including the wall plugs and screws). As the integrated CCTV camera and LED floodlight are already preassembled the only task you have is to find the right location for mounting your new home security system and attaching the mount to the wall. To make things even more straight forward the SECURY’LIGHT app helps you select the best spot for installation of your new integrated camera.

The app guides you.

To start off you will need to download and open the SECURY’LIGHT app, once on the app go to the area you were thinking of mounting the device. Typically, most people choose either next to their front or back door, their garage or a vantage point where the whole driveway is visible. As the integrated camera is WIFI enabled it will need to be fixed in a position where it can receive WIFI signal with an upload speed of at least 2Mbps.

You can test WIFI signal through the app by holding your phone in the exact location you want to place the camera. The app will then indicate the WIFI upload speed of your desired location.

Once happy with your chosen location, in order to ensure your safety throughout, start by switching off your electrical supply. Your electrical supply will need to remain switched off throughout installation. Within the box you will receive a 10-step guide to setting up your new SECURY’LIGHT.

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You are only 10-steps away from having a safe and secure home

At this point all you need to do is:

  • Mount the base onto the wall using the wall plugs and screws

  • Connect your electrical wiring

  • Guide the SECURY’LIGHT onto the base

  • Secure with a screw

It’s as easy as that

Once you switch the electrical supply back on the LED floodlight will automatically turn on, this should be accompanied by the sound “wait to be configured” and the red indication light next to the camera should start flashing red. This signifies that the SECURY’LIGHT is ready to be connected with your smartphone or tablet.

On the app home screen tap the plus symbol to add your SERCURY’LIGHT and enter your WIFI password to enable access to your broadband network.

Voilà! After this installation is complete, your new home security system will be paired with your smart device, allowing you to see the live camera feed from your SECURY’LIGHT any time of day no matter where you are.

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